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Student Resources

Students, these resources are intended to help you utilize the AML and get the most out of it as you can.

Tips for Using the Lab

During the daytime hours, the AML is reserved for classes. Please don’t expect to be able to rush in and print something right before it is due. Allow yourself plenty of time, in case the lab is full of classes when you come in to print. The AML schedule is posted on the web in the AML Schedule section of the menu bar. The schedule is also printed out daily and posted on the bulletin boards outside the lab. Please check the schedule before you come into the lab, so that you know if you will be able to work or to use a particular room.

If a class has part of the AML reserved, that reservation begins 10 minutes before the beginning of the class (in order to give class members and the instructor enough time to come, log in, and prepare for class. Consultants are required to follow the schedule, and it is their responsibility to turn you away if the entire lab is full.

Be sure to bring a USB drive to save copies of your work, or use your favorite cloud storage (Google Docs, One Drive, Dropbox, etc.). If you are bringing work from home, please be aware that USB drives can be corrupted and you may not be able to open your document in the AML. Please have multiple ways of accessing your documents.

Students working together in the lab