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Student Resources

The AML is here to help! We provide Mac computers, free printing, and a study space to any student enrolled in a WSU English class.

You have access to the AML as long as you’re currently enrolled in an English credit. We have two rooms full of Mac computers and printers. Our computers have a lot of software – everything from your usual Microsoft Office Suite to more specialized linguistics software, as well as iMovie, Adobe Suite, and much more.

It’s common for English class instructors to reserve rooms in the AML during the midday, so feel free to check with the Consultant on duty if you want to know ahead of time. They will be able to tell you how long each room will be open for individual users. If you’re looking for a quiet place to work, you can bet on the low-traffic afternoon times. We have a variety of lighting and seating options to help you create your perfect, cozy study spot. Bring your friends!

If you do any work at the AML, be sure to save to a USB drive, your preferred cloud storage, or email your updated drafts to yourself. If you need help saving, printing, or sending your work, always ask the Consultant on duty. We promise – they’re all very nice!