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AML Consultant Job Description:

The Avery Microcomputer Lab (AML) is a state-of-the-art, multimedia microcomputer facility operated by the Department of English at Washington State University. Access to the AML is restricted  English courses and students enrolled in English credits. Therefore, users of the AML are those specific English courses, their instructors, and the students of those courses who sometimes utilize the AML outside scheduled class times.

As an AML Consultant, you will have three essential duties:

  1. providing excellent customer service
  2. establishing proper use, rules, and guidelines
  3. maintaining the workspace

There are many tasks that support these essential duties. Some examples include:

  • Assisting users with the technology and resources available at the AML
  • Remaining approachable, friendly, and accessible to AML users
  • Presenting rules and guidelines to classrooms and students
  • Showing up to shifts on time and ready to complete daily tasks
  • Communicating issues or problems to the Assistant Director
  • Sanitizing desks, keyboards, computer screens, and other simple cleaning tasks

AML Consultants are not expected to be experts of any specific software or computer technology; however, knowledge of the following is a plus: Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Suite, printers & scanners, and general computer hardware. AML Consultants should also be willing to learn new technical skills.

As an on-campus employment opportunity, we prioritize hiring Washington State University students. We offer competitive hourly wages and set schedules throughout the semester. Working as an AML Consultant is a great opportunity to gain experience in an innovative computer facility. As an AML Consultant, you will also gain exposure to many digital tools in the humanities.

Download an application to become an AML Consultant:

The AML is currently (as of Spring 2023) hiring for Fall 2023. If you’re interested in working at the AML, please download and fill out the pdf below. Then email it to and we will get back to you shortly. We look forward to your application!

AML Consultant Application (PDF)