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Navigating the AML File System

User Folders

During the logon process the Macintosh Manager network software recognizes your name and the “workgroup” (usually a class section) to which you belong. The software then sets up your desktop with particular folders that you have access to. Those folders are listed below, along with a short description of each.

Your Applications Folder: The Applications Folder contains icons for all of the programs that you have access to. The icons are listed alphabetically, but please note that some applications may be known by more than one name. Photoshop, for example, is also called Adobe Photoshop, so you may find it listed under A rather than P.

Your Documents Folder. This folder is labeled with your last name and first name. This is where you should save your personal documents and files. It is very important to save them here, and not on the desktop. Items on the desktop of the computer are deleted when you log out. Also inside this folder is the Group Shared folder, which will be discussed next.

Your Group Folder. Inside your Group Folder are three folders–Documents, Library, and Public. In the Documents folder all your instructor and your classmates can share documents. When you put something in the folder everyone has access to it. The Library folder has the same capability. Inside the Public folder is another folder called Drop Box. In the Drop Box you can turn in items to your teacher. You can drag files into the Drop Box but only your instructor has access to these files. If you have any further questions about these folders, be sure to ask a consultant.