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Welcome, Instructors

Instructors, these resources are designed to help you use and incorporate digital technology into your classroom. Below are descriptions for this part of the website.

To schedule a class in the lab, click "Schedule a Class". You may also request a lab orientation for your class. These are given by consultants and last between 20 and 30 minutes. They can only be requested during the first 3 weeks of a semester. You can also request instruction for your class in a particular program. Our consultants perform these. If you do want a consultant to lead your class in the instruction of a particular program, fill out the scheduling form and make sure to request a consultant. Also, email the assistant director (averylabad@gmail.com) to set this up. We appreciate a week's notice for scheduling purposes.

Insta-lessons are lessons and ideas for classes. They are here to help you when you are too busy or are having trouble figuring out what to do in class.

Program Tutorials are instructions for a few of the lab's programs. To view tutorials on greater number of programs go to the English 300-->Assignments section of this site.

Documenting/Research link takes you to helpful links for citing sources and conducting internet research.

Portfolios link takes you to example portfolios from WSU courses. Use this to help you assess your own portfolios.


English faculty and graduate students: Please use the Equipment Reservation calendar to reserve the a laptop, a projector, an iPad 2, a digital video camera, adaptors or cables for classes

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